We go behind the brand in a little interview with ABOUT LUXE founder Alex Xesfigis.

How did you start ABOUT LUXE?
Part of that certain life I want to live is the clothes and shoes and jewellery I wear, the bags I carry. I’ve been travelling for many years now and found myself on the hunt for items. I try and find that one amazing thing I want to buy and bring back for myself that is authentically that country or area. Whether it is fashion or homewares or whatever.

Particularly Greece which is where my family is from. I would buy sandals from local master artisans and bring them home where my family and friends would ask where I got them. They were always so disappointed when I said Greece and they couldn’t find them locally.  So, any time I went back to Greece I would buy dozens of pairs to gift or sell to whoever wanted them.

In my 20’s I had a burning desire to build a business and work for myself rather than someone else. I thought, ‘if I’m not going to do it now then I’m not going to do it ever’. I was at a point in my life where I had the time. But I was waiting for something that I was passionate about, something I could be proud of. That was when my sister reminded me of the sandals and how that was already a mini business. So, I started thinking about it seriously, looking into the designing, manufacturing, all the administrative side of things and we launched in December 2017 which is about 15 months since I started working on it.

What is your design process?
I’ve always been a creative person and a perfectionist. I start with a mood board of inspiration, designs that are already out there but, in my opinion, flawed, or just way too common. I love an authentically Greek sandal, something really classic but then customising it to be uniquely ABOUT LUXE, with luxury materials and our own unique style.

What is the future of ABOUT LUXE?
The goal is and has always been to bring things from around the world to ABOUT LUXE and then bring ABOUT LUXE around the world. We started with Greek Sandals but some of our upcoming goals are a line of luxury swimwear made from Italian fabrics. We would also love to bring out a line of authentic Parisian jewellery.


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